As Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is being pursued in Information Technology (IT) education in the Philippines, IT Instructors and Professors are now being challenged to shift their traditional roles as transmitter of knowledge to becoming learners' facilitators. This educational reform could lead to the development of certain attitudes amongst IT educators. This study used descriptive-correlational research design to determine what attitudes they may foster towards the success of its implementation at a Local University in Laguna, Philippines. Findings reveal that IT educators have positive attitude towards OBE. Although their motivation to adopt OBE approach to IT education seems to be high, there is still reservation as they realize the myriad factors to consider for its successful implementation. Result of Pearson's chi-square test reveals significant relationships among education, training, and attitude. While the study helps explicate areas that need much attention, it still appeals for further investigation to help address other concerns of educators. Truly, OBE demands a strong personal and institutional commitment; as with combined commitment will inspire everyone to make a leap forward in its successful implementation in the country.

Attitude, Educators, Information Technology, Outcome-based Education, Philippines
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Ramiro Z. Dela Cruz and Ruth A.Ortega-Dela Cruz (2017). Educators' Attitude towards Outcome-Based Information Technology Education in the Philippines. i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology, 13(4), Jan - Mar 2017, Print ISSN: 0973-0559, E-ISSN: 2230-7125, pp. 14-21.
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