A dual-band bandpass filter based on open loop triangular ring resonator filter is designed in this paper. The filter has the characteristics of compact structure, low insertion loss, and ease of fabrication, since no defected ground structure is used. Based on the current design schemes, the design is planar and has controlled dual-band filter. Several attenuation poles in the stop band are realized to improve the selectivity of the proposed bandpass filter. Stubs are added to the structure to improve the s-parameter performance of the filter. The proposed filter is designed and simulated in Agilent ADS. The experimented results were in good agreement with the simulated results.

Open Loop Triangular Ring Resonator, Stubs, Transmission Line
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Gaurav,Y., and Chauhan, R.K. (2017). Design of Controllable Dual-Band Bandpass Filter using Open Loop Triangular Ring Resonators Loaded with Stub Coupled with Transmission Line. i-manager's Journal on Electronics Engineering, 7(2), 8-13.
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