The focus of the present investigation is to study the thermal diffusion and temperature gradient heat source effect on unsteady Magneto hydrodynamic viscous dissipative non-Newtonian fluid, namely Kuvshinski’s fluid past an inclined plate filled with a porous medium. Also the first order chemical reactions are taking into an account. At the same time, the plate temperature and concentration of the plate are raised to T * and C *.The set of partial differential equations is transformed to ordinary differential equations by using suitable similarity transformations and then solved analytically by using regular perturbation technique. The impact of various flow parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration as well as the friction factor coefficient, the local Nusselt number, and a local Sherwood number are analyzed and discussed through graphs and table.

Porous Medium, Inclined Plate, MHD, Chemical Reaction, Soret Number.
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Mohan,S.R., Reddy,G.V., Varma,S.V.K., and Krishna,S.B. (2017). Thermal Diffusion and TGHS Effect on MHD Viscous Dissipative Kuvshinski´S Fluid Past an Inclined Plate Through Porous Medium with Thermal Radiation And Chemical Reaction. i-manager’s Journal on Mathematics, 6(1), 43-56.
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