A mathematical model is presented for the magneto-hydrodynamic flow and heat transfer in an electro-conductive Casson viscoplastic non-Newtonian fluid external to a vertical penetrable vertical cone under radial magnetic field and convective heating. The boundary layer conservation equations are parabolic in nature which can be transformed into a non-dimensional form via appropriate non-similarity variables and the emerging boundary value problem is solved computationally with the second order accurate implicit Keller-box finite-difference scheme. The influences of the emerging parameters, i.e. Magnetic parameter (M), Casson fluid parameter (β), Convective heating ( ), and Prandtl number (Pr) on velocity and temperature distributions are illustrated graphically. Validation of solutions with earlier published work is included.

Thermal Convection, Convective Boundary Condition, Keller-box Numerical Method, Cone, Casson Viscoplastic Model.
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Amanulla,Ch., Nagendra,N., and Reddy,M.S.N. (2017). Heat Transfer In MHD Viscoplastic Fluid Flow from a Vertical Permeable Cone with Convective Heating. i-manager’s Journal on Mathematics, 6(1), 35-42.
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