A mathematical model is developed to study laminar, nonlinear, non-isothermal, steady-state free convection boundary layer flow and heat transfer of a non-Newtonian Eyring - Powell fluid from a horizontal circular cylinder in porous media in the presence of a magnetic field. The transformed conservation equations for linear momentum, energy are solved numerically under physically viable boundary conditions using a finite difference scheme (Keller, Box method). The influence of dimensionless parameters, i.e. Eyring - Powell fluid parameter (ε), the local non-Newtonian parameter (δ), Prandtl number (Pr), dimensionless tangential coordinate (ξ), magnetic parameter (M), and temperature evaluation on velocity, temperature, skin friction, and Nusselt number are illustrated graphically, skin friction and Nusselt number are illustrated in tabular form. Validation of solutions with earlier published work is also included.

Eyring- Powell Fluid, Porous Medium, MHD, Heat Transfer, Circular Cylinder.
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Nagaraja,L., Rao,A.S., Reddy,M.S., and Reddy,M.S.N. (2017). Convection Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer in an Eyring - Powell Fluid Past a Horizontal Circular Cylinder in Porous Medium. i-manager’s Journal on Mathematics, 6(1), 12-26.
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