In industries, continuous transportation of materials from one section to another includes conveyor belts. The use of conveyor belts is mostly for supply of raw materials for production. Generally, when a material is transported over the conveyor belt, it provides a way to control and monitor the operation, thereby handling the production. This paper intends to develop an approach to overcome the shortcoming of the time delay in observation and response, by utilizing Infrared sensors. It also provides a method to manage manufacturing from remote places. This is done by interfacing a controller module along with a sensor module in the device. This paper presents the creation of a prototype for an automatic monitoring and control system for probing objects on a conveyor belt. It also includes a method to control the production within the prescribed time by preventing the negligence caused by the operators.

Conveyor Belt, Industry, IR Sensors, Microcontroller, PLC, SCADA, Sensor Module, Voltage Regulator IC.
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