The clinical status of the tissue can be diagnosed by measuring its biological electrical impedance (Z), which acts in general as a parallel connection of capacitive and resistive loads. It has a complex value which is strongly related to the effects of different biological factors and diseases. In this experimental clinical work, the electrical LCR-meter was programmed and used for the measurements of the spectral skin bio-impedance (Z) and its detailed components as a noninvasive technique for skin cancer diagnosis. The examinations of nine volunteer patients confirmed that the results of the skin bio-impedance measurements can be used as an important factor to check out whether the infected area is a basal cell skin cancer (BCC).

Keywords: Skin Cancer, Bio-Impedance, BCC, LCR Meter.
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Munqith S. Dawood, Jamal R. Al-Rawi and Fatimah H. Al-Ani (2017). The Application Of Bioimpedance Measurements In Basal Cell Skin Cancer (Bcc) Diagnosis. i-manager’s Journal on Nursing . 6(4) Nov-Jan, 2017 Print 2231-4504, E-ISSN 2249-0736, pp.14-19.
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