i-manager's Journal on Digital Signal Processing (JDP)

Enabling Technology for the generation and interpretation of information

ISSN Print: 2321-7480
ISSN Online: 2322-0368
Digital Signal Processing has enabled unprecedented levels of interpersonal communication and of information availability. It is a mathematically rigorous but accessible treatment of digital signal processing that intertwines basic theoretical techniques with hands-on laboratory instruction, and i-manager’s Journal on Digital Signal Processing focuses on the broad areas of a variety of both digital and analog technologies, spanning a broad range of Applications, bandwidths, and realizations and welcomes scientific research on these areas.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

We follow stringent publication ethics, and plagiarized papers are not published, and are withdrawn at any stage of the publishing process. Plagiarism is not limited to the Results and Discussion sections; it can involve any part of the manuscript, including figures and tables, in which material is copied from another publication without attestation, reference, or permission.

Overall Topics Covered

  • Digital Filters
  • Filter Design Techniques
  • Pre and Post Signal Conditioning
  • Discrete time Signal and Systems
  • Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Z-Transform
  • CORDIC processors
  • Channelizers
  • Digital Baseband Transmission
  • Carrier Centered Modulation and Demodulation
  • Sonar and Advanced Radar Oscillators
  • DSP Based Synchronization Techniques
  • Modem Structures.
  • Sigma-Delta Converters
  • Interpolators and Decimators
  • Digitization
  • Multimedia Signal Processing and Networking
  • Installation Qualification (I-Q) instrumentation
  • Intentional Aliasing Adaptive Equalization
  • Signal Equalizers
  • Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) coding and decoding
  • Image and Video Signal Processing
  • Signal Restoration
  • Convolution and Modulation theorems
  • Linear stochastic modeling
  • Signal Processing for Communications and Security
  • Transform analysis of Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) systems
  • Stochastic Signal Processing
  • Cascade-Integrator-Comb
  • Hardware/Software Systems for Signal Processing
  • Spectral Estimation
  • Radar and Array Processing
Review Procedure
The Journal follows a double blind peer-review process. The submitted articles / research papers are reviewed by Professors / Educators in Electrical field.
Target Audience
Academicians, practitioners and post-graduate students in the field of Digital Signal Processing, University Educational Bodies, Researchers, etc.
  • Articles
  • Research Papers
  • Review Papers.
  • January-March
  • April-June
  • July-September
  • October-December

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